We design and manufacture devices to connect to the Internet with flexible solutions applied in different IoT areas


IoT Solutions

In Amper we are designers and manufacturers of devices to connect to the Internet. We also enable wholesome solutions for our customers, applying technology in their business areas in a simple and effective way.

Our solutions are very flexible. Amper counts with a wide range of skills in engineering and development that allows us to adapt and to offer an unique and accurate solution for every customer.

IoT Amper Solutions are applied to different areas like the digital home, smart cities, industry and logistics.

IoT Solutions

Amper’s IoT Solutions apply to different fields such as the digital home, smart cities, industry and logistics.


IoT Value Chain

The knowledge of all technologies related to IoT technological projects, as our skills in engineering and industrialization makes us able to offer high quality solutions and products, solid, safe and trustworthy.


• Hardware
• Firmware


• Process Control
• Quality Assurance

Software Development

• Sw Platform
• Business Intelligence
• Web Services
• Engineering App



Our I+D team (Amper Iberwave) has more than a decade of experience developing connected devices. The design of IoT devices require a specialization different from other types of products.

Low consumption

We are specialists in the design of low consumption equipment that allow a range of several years of operation.

IoT Communications

We use the IoT technology that adapts to your needs: LTE, NB-IoT, Bluetooth, Sub-GHz, 3G, LoRa, Sigfox…


We connect out IoT devices with different platforms to reach data and process interoperatibility.

Rapid prototyping

We reduce the time to market of new products to be able to evaluate their performance as soon as possible.


We use safe communication techniques in our devices to ensure the integrity and privacy of communication.


IoT devices work continuously without the need of human intervention


IoT devices can operate in different contexts (temperature, adverse weather conditions, impacts…) thus they have an encapsulation that matches your needs.


We use remote upgrade processes to adapt the firmware of the device to the new needs of the client.



Amper focuses on its products design having into account their industrialization with the guideline of optimising to the maximum their manufacturing. This allows us to launch IoT products into the market in a more agile, fast and price competitive way.

Production processes

We control all the process from the initial stage until they are launched into the market. The continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes allows us to make the necessary changes to meet the goal of optimising times and achieve agility and versatility.

Quality assurement

During the manufacturing process, thorough quality controls are applied to verify the excellent of the finished products.


Software Development

We design personalized platforms that allow the user to manage and gather the information in our IoT devices. They are customized, with a optimized and encrypted communication protocol, thus completely safe.

Platform software adaptations

Our platform allows to implement different user graphic interfaces modifying the design, colours, typography, languages, etc, adapting to the customer’s needs.

Communications software

Our platform enables the connectivity of dozens of thousands of simultaneous equipment, in the most efficient and fast way possible.

Bussines Intelligence

We transform data into information, information into knowledge in a way that we can optimise the decision making process into business.
• We analyse data from different sources, filter them and fuse them together to achieve better efficiency.
• We integrate and transform this data into added value for the internal processes of your business.
• We design, develop, implement and maintain services end-to-end.

WEB access

We use responsive WEB design that allows the adequate visualization from mobile devices and desktop computers.

WEB Service

The system can provide WEB services to the server and the client, in a way that the information can be exchanged with the client’s system.


The platform uses a persistence layer that allows to use several database engines: MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle…

Mobile app

We can develop applications for mobile devices (Android or iOs) that allow interaction with the platform.

Warning System

The platform can generate completely customised alerts and notifications that can be sent using all of the available channels.

You can request more information and we will be delighted to help you with everything you need

We facilitate the market transformation towards business models with industrial and technological solutions, betting for markets with a high growing potential.

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