Commitment to Integrity and Excellence in Corporate Management

Corporate governance is a fundamental structure in business management, especially in large companies like Grupo Amper. This technology conglomerate has established itself as a benchmark in the sector, thanks to its commitment to excellence and transparency in all its operations.

At Grupo Amper, corporate governance is based on ethics, integrity, and respect for the laws and regulations in force. This is reflected in the choice of its management team, made up of professionals with recognized experience and competence, who work in a coordinated manner to ensure the company’s sustainability and growth.

Another key pillar of Grupo Amper’s corporate governance is its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. The company is governed by a Code of Ethics that establishes the principles and values that guide its actions, and carries out numerous initiatives to promote sustainable development and improve the communities in which it operates.

In short, Grupo Amper’s corporate governance is characterized by its rigour and commitment to excellence in all areas of its activity. This has enabled Amper to consolidate its position as a leading company in the technology sector, with a long-term strategic focus and a clear vision of its objectives and values.

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